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Flow Meter

The JYM series flow meter is used for controlling and measuring low, medium and high viscosity, such as fuel and lubrication oil with the advantage of high precision and low pressure loss, compact, light weight design and easy installation.

The JYM series flow meter with LCD display has a 5-digital sub-total, with floating point from 0.001 to 999.99; 8-digital non-resettable totalizer.

JYM/P-1 flow meter has pulse output, a reed switch built-in, and signal channel output.

Technical Specifications

Inlet and Outlet BSPF1/2"
Accuracy (after calibration) ±0.5%
Repeatability 0.2%
Max. Operating Pressure 70 Bar
Flow Rate 1-30L/Min
Discharge Rate/Revolution 25ml/R
Battery Power 2×1.5V

Output Pulser
2 pulses per revolution

Flow Meter

LS Series Diesel Flow Meter
Mechanical Display Pulses Output

Flow Meter Flow Meter

The diesel flow meter is a positive displacement flow meter, which can be installed in trains, tractors, generators and shipping, etc. to measure various types of power plant fuel consumption, and a variety of liquid metering and pipe measuring, etc. It is equipped with an in-built copper filter or equipped with a filter outside.

The meter can have mechanical display or pulses output.
1. Accuracy: ±0.5, ±0.2%
2. Working Pressure: ≤1.6Mpa (special requirement, please indicate)
3. Working Temperature: ≤-20℃-60℃
4. Medium: Gas, diesel, kerosene and similar viscosity light liquids
5. Fuel Oil Viscosity: 2-6.8Mpa.S (1.2-80 E) (special requirement, please indicate)
6. Fuel Oil Filter: Filter with paper filter core
7. Impurity Particles: ≤20m (special requirement, please indicate)
8. Outer Magnetic Strength: ≤5A/m
9. No need to clean for long term use. Suspending for long time, it needs to be filled full of liquid.

Flow Range

Diameter Item No. Flow Range (L/h )
Max. Flow Normal Flow Min. Flow
6 A 40 20 8
B 30 15 5
C 25 12.2 3
8 A 150 75 10
B 100 50 10
C 50 25 10
10 A 300 150 15
B 250 125 12.5
C 200 100 10
13 A 500 250 25
B 400 200 20
C 250 175 17.5
15 A 800 400 40
B 700 350 35
C 600 300 30
20 A 1600 800 80
B 1400 700 70
C 1200 600 60
25 A 4000 2000 200
B 3000 1500 150
C 2000 1000 100

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