Drum Pump, Grease and Oil Dispensing Kit

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Double-acting Pump

Drum Pump, Grease and Oil Dispensing Kit

The double-acting pump is suitable for delivering the high viscosity oil. It is applicable to fill or top up the engine oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil and many other different oils. It can be used onto the manual oil dispenser with the wheel-mounted 65L tank. In addition, the product can be equipped with the anti-splash funnel, the lever gauge and a lever with variable pivot that can be adjustable according to the viscosity of the oil to be delivered.

Technical Parameters
Model T 7060
Tank capacity 65L
Structure Wheel mounted
Length delivery tube 2M
Oil with complete cycle of lever 220g
Max. density of oil SAE 240

Note: The pumping of double-action occurs when the piston delivers fluid during both the upstroke and downstroke.

Grease Dispensing Kit

K7860 K7815 K7220 K7912 K7945

The grease dispensing kit with pump is applicable to 50 to 60kg or 180 to 220kg sized drums. It is equipped with the open or closed hose reel. It serves as a complete solution for delivering grease from the independent fixed station, or it can be connected to a centralized system of the storage zones to dispense the grease. It has the complete accessories that allow it to the connected to the compressed air system and discharge the grease via the guns conveniently.

Technical Parameters
Model K7815 K7860 K7060 K7220 K7912 K7935 K7945
Drum size 180-220kg 20-60kg 20-60kg 180-220kg 20-60kg 180-220kg 180-220kg
Pump SP6204 50:1 SP6203 50:1 SP6203 50:1 SP6204 50:1 SP6203 50:1 SP6204 50:1 SP6204 50:1
Drum trolley \ \ \ \ Yes Yes Yes
Drum cover 600mm 420mm 420mm 600mm 310mm 600mm 600mm
Plate 585mm 400mm 400mm 585mm 310mm 585mm 585mm
Oil hose Hose Reel Hose Reel ¼" 4 M ¼" 4 M ¼" 4 M ¼" 4 M Hose Reel
¼" 12 M ¼" 12 M 8×12mm 1.5M 8×12mm 1.5M ¼" 10 M
1.5M 1.5M      
Grease gun G633 G633 G633 G633 G838 G838 G838
Drip tray Yes Yes \ \ \ \ \
Adjustable \ \ Yes Yes \ \ \
Pressure manometer

Oil Dispensing Kit

K9863 K9895 K9913 K9925 K9943 K7260

The oil dispensing kit with pump can be applied on both drum and tank. It adopts the open or closed hose reel. It can be applicable to not only an independent fixed station, but also a centralized system of grease storage zones. It is attached with the complete accessories for connection to the compressed air system and nozzles.

Technical Parameters
Model K9863 K9895 K9913 K9925 K9943 K7260
Drum size 180-220kg 180-220kg 20-60kg 180-220kg 180-220kg 65L Tank
Pump SP5634 3:1 SP8654 5:1 SP5633 3:1 SP8654 5:1 SP5634 3:1 3:1 14L/Min
5:1 18L/Min
Drum Trolley \ \ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oil hose Hose Reel Hose Reel ½" 4 M ½" 4 M Hose Reel ½" 4 M
½" 10 M ½" 10 M ½" 10 M
½" 2M ½" 2M ½" 2M
Gun Metering gun Metering gun Metering gun Metering gun Metering gun Gun
Drip tray Yes Yes \ \ \ Anti-splash funnel
Adaptor Yes Yes \ \ \ Nipple:½" G

13Kg Air-operated/Manual Grease Pumps

13Kg Air-operated/Manual Grease Pumps
Air Operated Grease Pump Hand operated Grease Pump Pedal-operated Grease Pump

1. We can offer grease pump of different versions, mainly classified into air operated and manual version.
2. The air-operated version is wheel-mounted and portable, and is equipped with an air pump.
3. Our manual version includes two subtypes. One is hand-operated type designed with a lever, and its maximum pressure is up to 350-400bar. The other is pedal-operated type.
3. With compact structure, our products are practically used in all workplaces, and offer quick and high pressure operations. They can be used for greasing of various motor vehicles or mechanisms.
4. Our grease pumps are fitted with a grease follower plate to protect the lubricant and ensure positive priming.

Specifications and Configurations
1. Air Operated Version
Compression ratio: 50:1
Tank weight: 13kg
Hose diameter: ¼"
Hose length: 4 meters
Hose nipple size: ¼"×3/8"
Grease follower plate
G838 grease gun

2. Manual version
Lever or pedal operated
Wheel-mounted type is optional
Tank weight: 13kg
Grease follower plate
Hose diameter: ¼"
Hose length: 2.5 meters
A rigid grease gun comes with a 4-jaw grease head.

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