Screw Gear Pump, YGP Series

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Screw Gear Pump
YGP-50 YGP-80B YGP-80A YGP-80B YGP-50

The gear of pump has aluminum or cast iron material, YGP Series uses two screw gears to transfer various viscous and volatile liquids but no solid granuals, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and lubricated oil, etc. with the advantage of compact size, high flow rate, big delivery head, low noise and high suction vacuum. The pump is equipped with a relief valve. It is an ideal pump for tax fuel vehicles, oil tank trucks and the transportation of other vapor-liquid mixture liquids, etc. A surge-controlled pump, the latest model of oil pump, is equipped with a self-regulating valve, which can regulate the pressure of inner pump.

Technical Specifications of the Screw Gear Pump, TGP Series

Model YGP-50 YGP-80A YGP-80B
Size 2" 3" 3"
Flow Rate 300L/Min 1000L/Min 1000L/Min
Delivery Head 30M 60M 60M
Suction Head 5M 7M 7M
Speed Range 700-1250RPM
Rated Speed 960RPM
Working Pressure 0-0.3Mpa 0-0.5Mpa
Bypass Valve Yes No Yes
Material Aluminum Aluminum/Iron Iron
Motor Power 2.2Kw 11Kw 11Kw

Company is a professional screw gear pump manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as aluminum oval gear meter, submersible turbine pump, positive displacement flow meter, electric transfer pump unit, LPG truck vane pump, and manual nozzle.

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