Mobile Fuel Unit, MFD,FMC Series

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Mobile Fuel Unit, MFD,FMC Series
MFD-40 Mobile Unit

The mobile fuel unit, MFD, FMC series consists of a bulk positive displacement flow-meter, vane pump and coupling drive ex-proof motor, power control cabinet, hose and hose reels mechanical register, nozzles, etc. It is used for boat refueling in marine, public transportation vehicles, big trucks, trains, military vehicles, and light aircraft. It offers a high flow rate, long service life, high accuracy, convenience, easy operation, etc.

Technical Specifications of the Mobile Fuel Unit, MFD, FMC Series

Model MFD-40 mobile fuel unit MFD-50 mobile fuel unit MFD-80 mobile fuel unit
Flow Rate 200L/min 400L/min 700L/min
Flow Meter M-50-1 flow meter 2" M-50-1 flow meter 2" M-80-1 flow meter 3"
Pump SUB-40 vane pump YB-50 vane pump YB-80 vane pump
Ex-proof Motor 1.5Kw, 50Hz, 380V 2.2Kw, 50Hz, 380V 7.5Kw, 50Hz, 380V
(220V motor for option) (220V motor for option) (220V motor for option)
Hose 1.5", 20m 2", 20m 3", 20m
Nozzle/Hose Adaptor 1.5" automatic nozzle (Hose adapter for option) Hose Adapter
Hose Reel Manual Reel (Electric motor driven reel for option)
Preset Function For option
Electric Register For option

Package Data

Model MFD-40 MFD-50 MFD-80
Packaging 1pc/Wooden Case
Net Weight 260kgs 270kgs 305kgs
Gross Weight 290Kgs 300kgs 335kgs
Size 131×99×125cm 131×99×125cm 140×110×125cm

FMC Gravity Unloading Meter Unit
The FMC gravity unloading meter unit is an intrinsic-safety measurement unit for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene, with a mechanical printer register, 5 digital subtotal display and printing, and is installed with a quick hose adaptor for tank truck unloading. It features an ideal gravity unloading meter unit, low pressure drop, high accuracy, wide measurement range, low noise, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model FMC-50W FMC-80W FMC-100W
Flow Meter FMC-50 FMC-80 FMC-100
Quick Hose Adaptor 50mm/2" 80mm/3" 100mm/4"
Mechanical Register & Printer JSQ-4
Accuracy ±0.2%

Company is a professional mobile fuel unit manufacturer based in China. We also offer flow meter, fuel dispenser, fuel dispenser components, LPG dispenser, oil tank truck parts, and more.

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