Vane Pump, DYB Series

Vane Pump
DYB60-AC220/110 DYB70-AC220 DYB80-AC220/110 DYB40-DC12/24

The vane pump, DYB series contains a mechanical seal that guarantees constant reliability, even in low temperatures. It has a cast iron pump casing which is treated against corrosion and paint finished. The vane pump has a steel rotor and a built-in bypass valve. The induction motor has an aluminum casing with protection grade IP54 and offers continuous running. It has a built-in 100 micron filter that is easily accessible for cleaning. The vane pump is used for It is used for fueling diesel and kerosene, but not for gasoline.

Technical Specification of the Vane Pump, DYB Series

Model DYB60-AC220/110 DYB70-AC220 DYB80-AC220/110 DYB40-DC12/24
Flow Rate 20L-60L/min 20L-70L/min 20L-80L/min 20L-40L/min
Max. Pressure 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar
Power AC220V±10% 50Hz
AC110V±10% 60Hz
AC220V±10% 50Hz AC220V±10% 50Hz DC12 DC24
Bypass Valve Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strainer Yes Yes Yes No
Inlet and Outlet 1" 1" 1" 3/4"
Power 375W 500W 550W 120W

DYB-300 Electric Transfer Pump Unit
DYB-300 electric transfer pump unit consists of the positive displacement vane pump and three-phase explosion proof motor. It is indispensable to transfer gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other light oil based liquids.

Technical Parameters
Model DYB-300
Inlet and outlet 2" Adapter
Flow rate 300L/Min
Operation pressure 0.3MPa
Suction lift 5M
Speed 1400RPM
Power 2.2KW/Three Phase AC380V/50Hz

1. The pump can keep a high degree inner vacuum without giving out too much noise.
2. The product with the mobile chassis helps the oil tank trunk to discharge the oil.
3. Adjustable relief valve protects pump from excessive pressure.
4. The sliding vane shows sustained performance and high reliability.
5. Explosion proof motor is applicable to the locations where exits the risk of flame and explosion.

As a professional vane pump manufacturer based in China, we offer not only oil pump, ETP kit, grease/oil dispensing kit, but also flow meter, fuel dispenser, LPG dispenser, and many other related products.

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