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The lubricating pump, JYB-1, ETP-15 is designed for various requirements of pumping oils and lubricants. It consists of a die-cast aluminum pump body, by-pass valve, sintered steel gears, and a mechanical seal on the motor shaft. It features a quiet operation, high suction capacity and compact design.

Lubricating Pump

Technical Specifications of the Lubricating Pump, JYB-1, ETP-15

Model JYB-1
Diameter 1"
Flow Rate 9-15L/Min
Pressure 12Bar
Noise 70dB
Power Single Phase AC220V/50Hz/750W
Three Phase AC380V/50Hz/900W
Vacuum 0.032Mpa

ETP-15 Mobile Oil Dispenser

Lubricating Pump

The ETP-15 mobile oil dispenser, together with 90L oil tank, electric gear oil pump (JYB-1) consists of an oil nozzle with LCD meter and an oil indicator which easily shows the level of oil in the tank. It features compact size, convenience, mobility, etc.

As an experienced lubricating pump manufacturer and supplier based in China, we also provide pointer oval gear meter, heavy flow fuel dispenser, LPG separator, solenoid valve, LPG truck vane pump, automatic nozzle, flow meter and more.

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