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SB Series Electric Oil Pump

The SB series drum pump is a kind of barrel pump. The tube can be directly put into the drum to pump liquid. As per different transferring liquids, the pump wet part can choose Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, PP, RPP, PVDF, PTFE Material. The driving motor can be single phase common motor, Ex-proof motor, no brush motor and high-speed motor for option. It is easy to use, maintenance & high efficiency. It is widely used to transfer acid, petrochemical liquids, treatment water, drinks, gas, kerosene, diesel and some low-viscosity liquids in extensive fields of petrochemical, refinery, food, petroleum, marine, pharmacy, filling station etc.

Technical Specification
Model SB Series
Flow range 20-150L/min
Delivery head 3-10m
Power 0.12-1.1Kw
Inlet and outlet diameter 50/25/20mm & 41/25
Body material Aluminum Alloy, SS304, 316L, RPP

SP Series Air-operated Oil Pump

The SP series air-operated oil pump is suitable for low-viscosity liquids and all kinds of greases at short and medium distance, such as engine oil, synthetic oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, anti-freeze liquids, ATF oil and allied products. It has excellent structural design which can reduce the number of easy-worn parts to the minimum, thus it can be maintained conveniently and has a long service life. The special air motor can ensure the smooth operation of the product. We provide the 2" pump bung adaptor extra.

Usage Reference
Air pressure ratio (Outside : Inside) Oil Viscosity
1:1 80SAE
3:1 130SAE
5:1 240SAE
50:1/65:1 suitable for all kind of grease drum.
Technical Specification
Model SP-2611 270mm SP-5631 270mm SP-8651 270mm SP-6201 410mm SP-6351 410mm
SP-2613 730mm SP-5633 730mm SP-8653 730mm SP-6202 480mm SP-6352 480mm
SP-2614 940mm SP-5634 940mm SP-8654 940mm SP-6203 730mm SP-6353 730mm
SP-2615 1250mm SP-5635 1250mm SP-8655 1250mm SP-6204 940mm SP-6354 940mm
Compression ratio 1:01 3:01 5:01 50:01:00 65:01:00
Air inlet connection ¼" Quick Plug ¼" Quick Plug ¼" Quick Plug ¼" Quick Plug ¼" Quick Plug
Oil outlet connection ½" MBPS ½" MBPS ½" MBPS ¼" MBPS ¼" MBPS
Working pressure 8 Bar 8 Bar 8 Bar 8 Bar 8 Bar
Max. flow pressure 8 Bar 24 Bar 40 Bar 400 Bar 500 Bar
Air consumption 100L/Min 100L/Min 125L/Min 120L/Min 120L/Min
Relative capacity 18L/Min 18L/Min 14L/Min 800g/Min 800g/Min
Length suction tube 42mm 42mm 42mm 30mm 30mm

Single-acting Pump

The single-acting pump belongs to the manual type. It is designed for the oil and similar liquids. It adopts the viton seals and telescopic suction tube that enables it to applied directly on the containers of different capacities. This product is suitable for delivering low-viscosity oils. The single-action will take place, when the piston is delivering the fluid only during the down stroke of pumping lever.

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