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ZCB-90 Gear Pump MJ-85S Flow Meter & ZCB-90 Gear Pump

Gear Pump Gear Pump

The gear pump, ZCB-90 has a body made of alloy aluminum founded under low pressure. It is used for gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and a compound of them. The air separator, by pass valve, check valve, and inlet and outlet filter decompression are built in.

Technical Specifications of the Gear Pump, ZCB-90

Flow Rate 45 ~ 90L/Min
Speed 680~980RPM
Working Pressure 0.18~0.3MPa
Vacuum ≥0.06MPa
Noise ≤72dB


Gear Pump

Company is a China-based gear pump manufacturer and supplier. Our products include positive displacement flow meter, electric transfer pump unit, fuel dispenser, aluminum oval gear meter, LPG truck vane pump, manual nozzle, and LPG dispenser, among others.

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