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Vane Pump Vane Pump Vane Pump Vane Pump

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The ZYB-50/ZYB-80 Vane Pump has a built in air separator, by pass valve, and filter, with three different top covers for different connecting pipes (A type, B type and C type). It features low noise, a high flow rate, long life service, etc.

Technical Specifications of the Vane Pump, ZYB-50/ ZYB-80

Model ZYB-50 ZYB-80
Flow Range 45 ~ 65L/Min 75 ~ 85L/Min
Speed 630RPM 630RPM
Vacuum ≥0.054MPa ≥0.054MPa
Working Pressure 0.16~0.2MPa 0.2~0.25MPa
Noise ≤72dB ≤72dB


Vane Pump

As an experienced vane pump manufacturer and supplier based in China, we also provide pointer oval gear meter, heavy flow fuel dispenser, LPG separator, manual nozzle, and more.

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