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The solenoid valve, MSF series offers precise action, reliability and long service life. The diaphragm of main valve has the capability of anti-corrosion and resisting -40℃ low temperature. It is made of a special stainless steel magnetic material, never rusts and generates remanent magnetism. It offers Class F loop with good insulation and anti-explosion class EXdⅡBT4. When main valve shuts off, the work pressure 0.3~0.4MPa, flow rate is 3-3.5L/min.

Technical Specifications of the Solenoid Valve, MSF Series

Model Diameter Connection Flow Rate (L/min) Work Pressure (MPa) Voltage (V) Ambient Temperature (℃) Medium Temperature (℃)
MSF‐20F 20mm/3/4" Flange 50 0.035~0.45 AC220V50Hz DC24V/12V ‐40℃~55℃ ‐40℃~65℃
MSF‐20T 20mm/3/4" Thread M33×1.5 50
MSF‐25F 25mm/1" Flange 85
MSF‐25T 25mm/1" Thread M33×1.5 85
MSF‐40T 40mm/1.5" Thread NPT 5‐250

Company is a professional solenoid valve manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as compact fuel dispenser, LPG solenoid valve, electric transfer pump unit, manual nozzle, positive displacement flow meter, and LPG turbine pump.

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