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Flow Meter, MJ-85S /MJ-65

MJ-85S MJ-65

Flow Meter Flow Meter

The flow meter MJ-85S has a body made of alloy aluminum, with structure of stainless steel bush and four piston positive displacement. It has a novel appearance, small size, high reliability, good wearability precise measure, and offers a long life. It has a built in intelligent pulse, 60 pulses or 100 pulses for option.

Technical Specifications

Flow Range 5L ~ 90L
Discharge Rate/Rev. 0.5L
Accuracy ±0.2%
Repeatable Tolerance ≤0.07%
Adjustable Min. Volume 0.07%


MJ-85S Flow Meter with Pulser     MJ-65 Flow Meter

Company is a China-based flow meter manufacturer. We offer a wide range of products, including compact fuel dispenser, electric transfer pump unit, gear pump, LPG dispenser, LPG turbine pump, and vapor recovery equipment, among others.

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