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LPG Side Channel Multistage Pump LPG Side Channel Multistage Pump

DB-65 Pump DB-65 Pump with Coupling Drive & Motor

The DB-65 LPG side channel multistage pump is designed with 6 stages, having a horizontal configuration, shaft sealing by mechanical seal without cooling, for handling LPG (liquid gas ), the liquids involving high-differential pressure, low NPSH conditions and aerated liquids up to 50% gas, such as pumping from underground tanks. The use of a pre-compression turbine at the suction end makes it possible to obtain a very small required NPSH, so this pump can be used under very difficult suction conditions.

The LPG side channel multistage pump can be used for LPG cylinder filling, pumping LPG from underground storage, bulk filling operations, loading/unloading of bulk trucks and transport trailers and vaporizer feed pumps.

Technical Specifications for the LPG Side Channel Multistage Pump DB-65

Direction of Rotation Anti-clockwise facing the end of the pump drive shaft
Max. Pressure 40 bars at 120℃
Speed 1450rpm
Power 380V, 50Hz, 4KW
Ambient Temperature 20℃ ~ + 60℃
Number of Stages 6
Connecting Flanges DIN 2501, PN 40 as per DIN 2501, PN 40
Bearings Sleeve bearing at the pump end, ball bearing at the drive end
Flow Rate DB-65 NPSH1[m] NPSH2[m]
1.0/h3 Delivery Head(m) 243 1.35 0.17
Power(KW) 6
1.5/h3 Delivery Head(m) 219 1.25 0.17
Power(KW) 5.5
2.5/h3 Delivery Head(m) 169 1.1 0.17
Power(KW) 4.35
3.5/h3 Delivery Head(m) 120 0.95 0.17
Power(KW) 3.4
4.5/h3 Delivery Head(m) 76 0.95 0.18
Power(KW) 2.65

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