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LPG Truck Vane Pump LPG Truck Vane Pump

LYB-2000 Pump with V-Belt Drive

The LPG truck vane pump, LYB-2000 is a positive displacement pump, specially designed to perform in such severe operating conditions as high differential pressure, pump over speeding, and poor suction conditions. It has V-belt or direct-drive mounting with gear reducer for option.

The innovative cam design of the LPG truck van pump virtually eliminates cavitation. It offers new materials utilized in cam and blades, and heavy duty bearings extending pump life. It has a single mechanical seal, easy seal replacement and maintenance. The large non-metallic pins are suitable for higher pump speed.

The truck vane pump is used for typical applications for LPG. NH3 bulk transfer include LPG cylinder filling, loading and unloading of bulk trucks and transport trailers.

Flow Rate
Speed RPM Differential Pressure (Bar) Flow Rate (L/min) Power (KW)
800 3.4 323 2.3
6.9 287 4.6
650 3.4 261 1.9
6.9 227 3.8
500 3.4 189 1.4
6.9 155 2.9

Technical Specifications

Inlet and Outlet 50mm/2"
Max. Working Pressure 28.6 Bar
Differential Pressure 8.6 Bar
Max.Speed 800RPM
Temperature -32℃~+107℃
Internal Relief Valve Yes

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