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Manhole Cover Manhole Cover RKG-3 RKG-4 Manhole Flange

RKG-1RKG-2RKG-3RKG-4 Manhole Flange

The manhole cover is installed on the top of the tank. It has a built-in pressure and vacuum vent and an emergency vent.

1. The manhole cover has a pressure and vacuum vent, while inside pressure higher than 6-8 Kpa or lower 2-3Kpa than the outside, will be open to balance the different pressure. While the difference pressure is less than -2~6Kpa, the P/V vent will be closed to keep the product nonvolatile.
2. It offers automatic sealing of the P/V vent in a roll over situation to prevent spillage.
3. When the inside pressure is higher 21-32kpa than the outside, the emergency vent will be open automatically to keep the tank safe. The vent capacity is 7000M3/h.
4. The two-stage opening allows for the safe release of residual compartment pressure before fully opening the fill cap.
5. The manhole cover is easy to maintain, convenient and safe.
6. It has a working pressure of 0.6Mpa.

Technical Specifications of the Manhole Cover

Model Material Outer Diameter (mm)
RKG-1 Aluminum 560, 580
RKG-2 Aluminum 460
RKG-3 Carbon Steel 460, 500
RKG-4 Carbon Steel 460, 500
Manhole Flange Mild Steel 460, 560, 580

Vents for Manholes

Manhole Cover Manhole Cover Manhole Cover

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