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API Adaptor, Accessories API Adaptor, Accessories HYF-2 API Adaptor HYF-3 API Adaptor

HYF-1 Deflector Rod or Rack Bottom Loading AdaptorHYF-2 API AdaptorHYF-3 API Adaptor

The 4"aluminum API adaptor is installed on the bottom of tank trucks for quick unloading and connecting.

1. Flat bottom of valve body of the API adaptor ensures complete product drainage and minimized contamination.
2. The hydrodynamic design of the API adaptor minimizes the pressure drop for high flow rate.
3. It is lightweight and of die cast aluminum construction for increased payloads with strength.
4. The two-stage fixed aluminum handle positively indicates valve position.
5. The API adaptor offers a stainless steel operation shaft and cam and poppet stem for durability.
6. It has a working pressure of 0.6Mpa.

The API adaptor is used for gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc.

Aluminum Dust-proof Cap
The aluminum dust-proof cap is suitable for a 4" API adaptor to protect the poppet face of API and prolong the life of the seals.

API Adaptor, Accessories API Adaptor, Accessories API Adaptor, Accessories

Aluminum A Type Aluminum B Type Aluminum C Type

Discharge Coupler
The discharge coupler is suitable for all API adaptors.
Size: 4

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