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The pneumatic, manual bottom valve, namely, Emergency Valve, is installed on the bottom of tank trucks to transfer the liquids from bottom to tank. It features easy operation, is safe and saves time.

The pneumatic, manual bottom value offers high flow, reduce inner pressure shear groove and provides automatic cut-off and is leakage proof during an emergency. It has a shear valve, using automatic right piston and durable spring. After emergency cutoff, it can still keep sealing. During an emergency, if there is no air source or open failure due to other reasons, it also can be opened manually without demolition.

I. Aluminum Pneumatic Bottom Valve

Pneumatic, Manual Bottom Valve Pneumatic, Manual Bottom Valve HDQ-100T HDQ-100L HDQ-80CHDQ-100BHDQ-100S

HDQ-100A            HDQ-100C            HDQ-100T             HDQ-100L            HDQ-80C            HDQ-100B            HDQ-100S

II. Aluminum Manaual Bottom Valve 3"&4"

Pneumatic, Manual Bottom Valve Pneumatic, Manual Bottom Valve

HDS-80A HDS-100B

III. Aluminum Manaual & Pneumatic Bottom Valve 3"&4"

Pneumatic, Manual Bottom Valve


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