Anti-overflow Optical Sensor, Socket, Tester

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Anti-overflow Optical Sensor, Socket, Tester

The anti-overflow optical sensor is installed on the manhole top of the tank for anti-overflow protection. It monitors the limit of warning line in the process of tank oil loading. While the oil rises to the warning line, the sensor alerts a warning to prevent the leakage of oil or overfill, thus ensuring safety operation.

The Overfill Prevention Sockets are designed for optimal tank-truck to rack system communications. The sockets conform to API standards.

Technical Data

Body material Aluminum 5A02
Signal line 5 wires cables, Pressure shock voltage 500VAC
Operating voltage 12VDC, Operating current < 50MA
Working temperture -40 ℃ ~+60℃
Response time < 1S
Anti-explosion range ExiaIIAT3
Sensor length 180mm or 300mm

Anti-overflow Optical Sensor Tester

Anti-overflow Optical Sensor, Socket, Tester

This tester designed for testing the Anti-overflow Optical Sensor. It is compatible with international standard. It's safe to use with a 3V5 battery and you can also use 220V with the help of an electric device if necessary.

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