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Oil Recovery Equipment
The filling station oil recovery system consists of an oil recovery automatic nozzle, vacuum pump, pipe, breakaway value and gas and oil separator valve, etc.

Oil Recovery Nozzle

Vapor Recovery Equipment

1. The oil recovery nozzle offers easy operation and a safe and stable performance.
2. It offers a built in A&L control valve.
3. It works under a certain pressure, thus avoid fuel injection.
4. The oil recovery nozzle is used in all kinds of fuel dispensers.

Performance Parameters
Flow rate: 45 L/Min
Working Pressure: 0.5~3.5Bar

Vacuum Pump

Vapor Recovery Equipment

1. It is a rotary vane vacuum pump.
2. The pump with motor does not affect the fuel dispenser during normal operation
3. The vacuum pump is compact in size and self-lubricating.
5. It offers one head and two heads to equip one nozzle and two nozzles.

Performance Parameters

Model VRP-1 VRP-2
Max. Flow Rate 65 L /Min 120 L /Min
Working Temperature -25~+50 ℃ -25~+50 ℃
Max.Vacuum 0.07MPa 0.07MPa
Motor Speed 2800RPM 2800RPM
Motor Power 370W 370W
Power Supply 380V/50Hz or 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz or 220V/50Hz
Noise ≤70dB ≤70dB
Connection G1/4" G3/8"
Vapor Recovery Equipment


Each pipe is equipped with an oil and gas separator valve and a breakaway valve. The pipe fits for the oil recovery system.

Vapor Recovery Equipment

Oil & Gas Separator Valve

The oil and gas separator valve divides the coaxial tube into oil route and gas route. There is no need for maintenance or repair work.

Breakaway Valve

Vapor Recovery Equipment

The breakaway valve features a double valves structure, while separated, cutting off oil and gas without leaking. It offers accidental pulling off and only needs a special screw to resume the work. The axial pulling off force is about 125Kgs.

Company is a professional vapor recovery equipment manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as LPG sliding-vane pump, manual nozzle, positive displacement flow meter, demountable sample taker, and electric transfer pump unit.

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