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High Pressure Hose Reels for Grease and Oil

Hose Size:
1/2", Length: 20meter, 30 meters
3/4", Length: 10meter, 20meter, 40 meters
1", Length: 8meter, 15meter, 20 meters

Our hose reel for grease and oil has the following features
1. The heavy duty steel body has the anti-corrosion powder coating
2. The multi-position ratchet lock eases the regulation of the tension of hose coils.
3. Fully enclosed, lubricated spring provides the constant force for automatic rewinding.
4. Automatic stopping system allows the hose to be locked at the required length.
5. The product can be flexibly amounted on the wall, ceiling, floor and somewhere else.
6. It is also widely used in industrial and automotive fields.

Technical Specification
Item no. Diameter Length Working Pressure Connection Inlet Connection Outlet
D3206402 1 / 4" 15m 335 Bar F 1/4" G M 1/4" G
D3206204 3 / 8" 15m 150 Bar F 3/8" G M 3/ 8" G
D3206206 1 / 2" 10m 135 Bar F 1/2" G M 1/ 2" G
D6306208 3/ 4" 20m 100 Bar F 3/4" G M 3/4" G
D6306210 1" 15m 75 Bar F 1" G M 1" G

Note: we can make the product according to the hose length required by customer.

Company is a professional oil hose reel manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as manual nozzle, electric transfer pump unit, positive displacement flow meter, LPG solenoid valve, demountable sample taker, and LPG truck vane pump.

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