LLY Series Spiral Metering Oil Gun

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LLY Series Spiral Metering Oil Gun

The LLY series spiral metering oil gun is designed for measuring the flow volume of pipeline liquids. It is applicable for liquids like gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, etc. It comes with precision performance, convenient use, and flexible applications.

When the drop height between instrument and measured liquid level ranges between 2 to 10 meters, the metering oil gun can work normally without any additional power source. It can be designed with a mechanical display or a LCD display.

Technical Specification
Type LLY-15 LLY-25 LLY-32
Diameter 15mm 25mm 32mm
Flow Rate 15-40L/Min 25-60L/min 32-120L/min
Rated Flow 25L/Min 35L/Min 65L/Min
Working Pressure ≤0.4Mpa ≤0.4Mpa ≤0.4Mpa
Accuracy ±1% ±1% ±1%
Meter Display 1~9999 1~9999 1~9999
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