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Company is a China-based fueling equipment manufacturer. We offer an extensive line of products, including positive displacement flow meter, electric transfer pump unit, fuel dispenser, LPG dispenser, solenoid valve, manual nozzle, gear pump, and more.

Other Products
  • Lubricating Pump, JYB-1, ETP-15 The lubricating pump, JYB-1, ETP-15 is designed for various requirements of pumping oils and lubricants. It consists of a die-cast aluminum.
  • Drum Pump, SB & SP Series The SB series drum pump is a kind of barrel pump. The tube can be directly put into the drum to pump liquid. As per different transferring liquids ...
  • Vane Pump, ZYB-50/ ZYB-80 The ZYB-50/ZYB-80 Vane Pump has a built in air separator, by pass valve, and filter, with three different top covers for different connecting pipes...